About Us

Your AAF…

… is your connection to this remarkable ship, her history, the people who have travelled on her, and the incredible continent that has been her workplace for 30 years.

The AAF will own, operate and maintain the Aurora Australis as a ship museum in perpetuity on behalf of the people of Australia.

The Aurora Australis Foundation is working hard to achieve an ambitious set of goals:

  • Preserve and protect the Aurora Australis as a ship of national significance, and in recognition of her unique role in Australia’s Antarctic history
  • Provide access to the Aurora Australis to share her story and the experience of being on board with Australian and international visitors
  • Promote awareness of Australia’s work in Antarctica in the past, the present and for the future.

Through the use of the Aurora Australis for display and exhibition, the AAF will act as a focus for information and education on Australia’s achievements in Antarctica, including:

  • Developments in Australian Antarctic science and scientific endeavour from the earliest days of Antarctic exploration
  • The experience of being an Antarctic mariner and expeditioner
  • The history of Australian Antarctic shipping
  • The history and development of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) and the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)
  • Current and future developments in Australian Antarctic exploration and science

Who are we?

Vision statement

The Aurora Australis Foundation will preserve the RSV Aurora Australis in perpetuity for the enjoyment of Australians and international visitors.

Mission statement

The Aurora Australis Foundation will:

  • Preserve and protect the Aurora Australis as a visitor attraction
  • Inform and educate visitors about ships and activities of the Australian Antarctic Program
  • Provide access to the Aurora Australis for every visitor
  • Utilise the intrinsic capabilities of the Aurora Australis to maximise public interaction
  • Promote a positive, supportive and enjoyable workplace for its staff
  • Foster an honest, transparent, accountable and responsive management
  • Encourage innovation and flexibility to create an adaptive organisation

The AAF is governed by a Board operating under Australian charity law. The ship museum is managed by an Executive Team, overseeing our amazing and dedicated staff.

Everyone involved in the AAF is either a former Antarctic expeditioner or someone with a deep love of the ship, her history and what she represents to Australia’s Antarctic history. Just like you.

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Love the Aurora Australis? There are many ways to contribute such as volunteering, sharing your story with us, donations and more. Find out more here.

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