In not unexpected but still unwelcome news, we have been informed that sale of the AA to an overseas interest – possibly another government – is imminent.

The RSV Aurora Australis is the only Australian designed, built and crewed ship to serve the Antarctic Program, and the longest-serving ship to do so. She represents a significant part of Australia’s Antarctic and maritime heritage and must not be lost to Australia and Australians.

Her history is made up of the stories of thousands of Australians, from those who built her, to her crew and those who travelled on board to and from the adventure of their lives. Her service has been critical to Australia’s success in the Antarctic for thirty years.

We call upon the Tasmanian State Government and the Federal Government to stop the Aurora Australis leaving Australia, and to consider her heritage value as well as her value as an economic stimulus to the Tasmanian tourism sector.

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Madeleine Habib on the last voyage of the Aurora Australis:

Live from the vessel, Master Mariner Madeleine reflects on changes in ten years, her protests and how we can change the world.

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